In June of 2023, all drivers and passengers as part of an accident were transported to the hospital for their injuries. A BMW made its way down an embankment and straight into a semi-truck. The accident occurred near a split in the highway and by an exit ramp. Only the two vehicles were involved in the collision, and only the people in both vehicles were taken to the hospital after the event.

Police do not know the cause of the accident. They are working on reconstructing the scene to determine what happened and who was at fault. Due to the nature of the accident, multiple emergency services were on site: the fire department, local police department, state police department, state parkways authority, turnpike authority, and paramedics as well as ambulances were all dispatched to the scene to aid in the aftermath of the accident. The truck had one driver while the BMW had a driver and a single passenger.

The accident has been cleared, and the investigation is underway into the cause behind it. This case is being led by the local police department. No news has been released as to the status of the crash victims or to the investigation as to the cause.

After an accident  such as this where the police are working on reconstructing the incident to determine fault, it is crucial to have a lawyer represent you because:

  • Accidents involving the reconstruction of events require a deep understanding of accident investigation techniques, evidence gathering, and applicable laws. A skilled lawyer specializing in personal injury cases has the knowledge and experience to navigate the complexities of accident reconstruction and ensure your rights are protected.
  • A lawyer will act as your advocate throughout the accident investigation process. They will ensure that your interests are represented and that no critical details or evidence are overlooked. They will protect you from any potential biases or misinterpretations that may arise during the investigation.
  • Accident reconstruction relies heavily on gathering and analyzing evidence such as witness statements, accident scene photographs, police reports, and expert opinions. A lawyer will have the resources and network to collect and preserve crucial evidence that supports your version of events and establishes liability.
  • In some cases, multiple parties may share the fault for an accident. The process of determining comparative fault can be complex, and an experienced lawyer will help navigate these nuances to ensure that you are not unfairly assigned a higher percentage of fault than you deserve. This is crucial for maximizing your potential compensation.

In conclusion, having a lawyer represent you after an accident when the police are working on reconstructing the incident to determine fault is crucial. If you have been in an accident similar to the one mentioned in this post, contact a West Virginia car accident lawyer at HayHurst Law PLLC for help.