West Virginia Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck Accident Lawyer West Virginia

West Virginia Truck Accident LawyerMillions of automobile accidents happen every year, and of these incidents, truck accidents can particularly be dangerous and may require a call to a West Virginia truck accident lawyer. You’re entitled to compensation when you’re a trucking accident victim. Besides initial medical expenses and property damages, this compensation can cover factors like pain and suffering. 

Common Reasons Why Trucking Accidents Happen 

Trucking accidents can occur for various reasons, and we’ll explore some of the most common reasons why they happen: 

  1. A Truck Driver Was Under the Influence

Unfortunately, truck drivers can sometimes drink or use illegal substances while on the job. While drinking sometimes occurs, driving under the influence often happens due to truck drivers using substances like meth or cocaine. These drugs let drivers stay up all night and help them battle driver fatigue. Being a truck driver is hard work; some drivers are expected to drive ten hours or more on the road with little to no breaks. 

  1. Driver’s Fatigue 

Doing any activity while tired can produce unfavorable results. Being tired can greatly reduce your concentration and ability to handle certain activities. Of course, when operating heavy machinery like a truck, being tired can result in accidents and may require you to call a West Virginia truck accident attorney. 

  1. Bad Weather Conditions 

Truck drivers often don’t have the luxury of staying home during a massive winter storm. Instead, they’re out on the open road delivering everything we need as a society. Like any vehicle, however, a semi-truck or delivery van can get swept up in a rain or snowstorm. While a car losing control on an icy road is scary, a semi-truck losing control can result in a massive accident, affecting several vehicles at once. 

  1. Poor Road Conditions 

While most automobile accidents happen in urban areas like the city or the suburbs, the most deadly accidents tend to occur in rural areas. Many factors can explain why this happens, but one factor is due to poor road conditions. Rural roads tend to be more outdated. Besides crumbling infrastructure, a road can also have poor or no road signage. Getting stuck behind a truck when they suddenly have to turn or when there’s a massive pothole can cause a dangerous situation. Furthermore, determining who’s precisely at fault can become a legal challenge. For example, it’s the government’s responsibility to maintain public roads, so the government itself might be liable. 

  1. Faulty Parts

Automobiles, including trucks, have many measures in place to ensure they’re operating correctly. A driver may see their check engine or brake light come on if there’s a potential issue. However, truck drivers often don’t own the trucks they drive and, instead, use a company’s truck which can vary daily. Therefore, it’s often the company’s responsibility to ensure their trucks operate correctly. It’s also possible for a part to malfunction at the time a truck is manufactured. When this or other issues occur, it’s best to call Hayhurst Law PLLC to speak with a West Virginia truck accident attorney