Burn Injury Lawyer

There are many different ways to get burned, and each kind of burn presents different legal questions. If you’ve been burned in an accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation from the person or business that caused your injury according to a burn injury lawyer from Cohen & Cohen. Read on to learn about five different types of burns that could entitle you to compensation.

Electrical Burn

An electrical burn usually occurs from someone who has come into contact with the device, equipment, or cable. They can be caused by faulty wiring or even a new item that is being used for the first time. Electrical burns are often some of the most severe because not only does electricity bypass skin layers but it also has a high amount of energy that burns straight through muscle and bone as well. With this type of injury you need to see a medical professional immediately because it can severely damage your muscles, ligaments, and tendons if left untreated which could lead to long-term chronic pain.

Scald Burn

A scalding burn could occur when your skin is exposed to very hot liquid. Common causes include hot water or coffee, bath and shower water that is too hot, steam from boiling food, spilled boiling liquid or other types of hot liquids. A scalding injury happens at temperatures higher than 125 degrees Fahrenheit which can lead to third degree burns as well as permanent scarring. Scalds are painful and can also cause long-term damage such as reducing your ability to sweat in a significant way and getting skin infections due to the accumulation of bacteria on the burn site.

Chemical Burn

A chemical burn can happen when a harmful substance comes into contact with the skin. As most would guess, this happens most often when someone was handling a dangerous substance that spilled on their skin. For example, if you were working at a gas station and a container of fuel leaked on your hand and you weren’t wearing gloves, it could have created a chemical burn that would entitle you to compensation from the gas station’s negligent behavior.

Radiation Burn

A radiation burn can occur when a person is overexposed to either medical or military radiation. The severity of the burn is dependent on the dose and duration of exposure. A mild case may result in minor pain, peeling skin, fatigue, and an itchy feeling. Severe cases have extreme pain and changes in blood cell count. This can also cause burns on other organs such as the intestines or lungs.


A sunburn can be a legal case for two reasons. The first is that it could be considered negligence. If you were working outside and weren’t wearing the appropriate clothing or received no warning from the employer, then they may be liable for any medical bills that you incurred as a result. The second type of case could be negligence based on carelessness. You might have been working without sunscreen or only wore SPF 30, which isn’t enough protection for people with fair skin. In this case, your legal team will use expert testimony to prove what you should have done instead.

If you have experienced a burn injury, contact a lawyer immediately for help with your case.