After a motor vehicle accident in Morgantown, you know you have a claim against the at-fault party. Thankfully, the other person had insurance, but you may not know your case’s full value. When should you accept personal injury settlements? Before you accept a payment that sees fair, learn how insurance companies protect their bottom line.

Should You Accept the First Offer?

Speak with any personal injury lawyer, and you’ll learn you’re better off rejecting an insurance company’s initial offer. Depending on your medical bills, damage to your car, and whether you must take time off work, your accident may cost more than you think. If you experience pain and suffering, you deserve compensation for that, too.

Insurance companies aren’t on your side, even if they accept your insurance claim. You must remember that just like any company in Morgantown, insurance carriers want to earn as many profits as possible. They can’t do that by paying out top dollar for personal injury settlements.

Also, initial personal injury offers rarely account for non-economic damages like pain and suffering. If your motor vehicle accident injuries keep you from engaging in activities you once enjoyed, diminishes your enjoyment of life, or results in a loss of consortium, add that to your claim. Depending on your post-accident symptoms, you could experience anxiety, depression, or PTSD. Emotional and mental distress also factor into personal injury settlements.

Why You Should Not Accept the Initial Offer

Say that a few days after the accident, the at-fault party’s insurance company offers a $3,000 settlement. You missed several days of work, racked up thousands of dollars in medical costs, and have bills to pay. With so many financial worries, you may accept the offer without thinking. This is what insurance companies in Morgantown and across the country count on for personal injury settlements.

While the initial offer may cover some of your medical bills and make up for time off work, it may not account for future expenses. It could take extensive treatment and several trips to the doctor before you make a full recovery. While you may return to work, your injuries could prevent you from working as much as you used to. You may even need to modify your home with special mobility equipment while you recover. Suddenly, the insurance company’s initial offer does not amount to much. If you accept the first offer, you could lock yourself out of an opportunity to recover full damages.

An insurance company’s initial offer usually represents its lowest offer. The reason they offer accident victims such low settlements is to give themselves room to negotiate. They would rather work with injured parties to negotiate a settlement rather than resolve the matter in court.

You should focus on making a full recovery, not arguing with insurance companies that do not pay what they know accident victims deserve. By working with an experienced Morgantown lawyer who focuses on personal injury settlements, you could increase your chances of getting every cent you deserve.

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