Defective Products Lawyer

A personal injury claim is nothing to take lightly. Defective product cases are one kind of case that you should not ignore. If you have been hurt in an accident involving malfunctioning products and have many expenses you need assisted paying for, contact a lawyer. Personal injury lawyers have years of legal experience, so they will be able to tell you how to protect your rights and work on every aspect of the claims process. Whenever you need help after an accident, you can count on a top-rated lawyer to help you be compensated for your injuries related to using a defective product. You should not have to deal with such a case alone. Here are some notable examples of defective product cases that a lawyer typically works on. 

Wrong instructions

Sometimes products come with missing instructions, and this can result in a victim unknowingly using a product incorrectly. If a product is not used as it should be, as suggested by the manufacturer, then it can cause harm to the person using it. For instance, a bicycle that is assembled improperly because of wrong instructions can fall apart and cause the rider to suffer an injury. 

Flawed design or assembly

As a seasoned defective products lawyer like one from Cohen Legal regularly sees in many of their cases, design flaws that are inherent in the creation of the product are often to blame in many product defect cases. Poorly designed products are almost doomed to fail from the start. If the design flaw is the reason that your device was defective, a lawyer will be able to help you submit a claim.

Hazardous materials 

Products may contain hazardous materials such as toxic chemicals that can jeopardize your health. Using defective products with these dangerous materials can result in the development of serious illnesses. If the product leaked the hazardous material while it was being used, the victim may suffer injuries like a chemical burn, such as faulty batteries. You can file a claim against the manufacturer and other liable parties if you have suffered injuries. 

Mechanical error

Sometimes a product or device suddenly experiences a mechanical error that causes it to malfunction. Products that have these types of defects are especially dangerous because they can cause sudden and unexpected injuries. For example, a device with blades may suddenly change direction, causing serious lacerations and wounds. If you have used a defective product and have suffered an injury, you may want to speak to a lawyer about your case. 

If you need personalized legal help regarding a defective product case, don’t wait another day to call a lawyer. They will be able to help you if you act right away and explain what kind of situation that you are dealing with. A lawyer needs enough time to help you and gather the  facts and evidence for your case. For more information, talk to a lawyer who has had extensive personal injury litigation experience as soon as possible.