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Common traffic violations and how to avoid getting them

Everyone does their best to obey the rules of the road but even the most seasoned drivers can find themselves being pulled over by the flashing blue lights for a traffic violation or two. Getting pulled over for a driving violation usually results in a ticket to pay, and it can cause your insurance to increase.  If you are worried that you might have picked up driving habits over the years, we will have a refresher course here for you on the most common driving violations and how you can avoid them. And of course, if you feel like you need to fight a ticket you should reach out to a traffic lawyer such as the ones available at May Law LLP.

Speeding because of our busy lives and schedules is one of the leading causes of traffic stops. Most everyone speeds, and in some areas everyone on the roadway is speeding despite the road’s actual speed limit. If everyone around you is speeding and you try not to speed but follow the speed limit, you can cause trouble because you are going to be going slower than everyone else around you. But one of the best ways to avoid speeding is to stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times. You should ensure that you have a habit of checking your speedometer every time you see a speed limit sign and adjust your speed as needed. By adjusting your speed as needed, the car behind you is going to have to adjust its speed as well, and there is no point in trying to keep up with people who are speeding past you. Drive safe, drive well.

Failing to stop at a stop sign is another issue that is very common. This is especially true when you’re in an intersection and you are in a hurry. Even if nobody else is at the intersection you need to stop for the stop sign because if you roll right on through there could be a car coming that is not planning to stop because they have the right-of-way. Running a stop sign can have dangerous consequences, essentially even deadly. If there is a pedestrian attempting to cross the road and you must stop at the stop sign, stop means just that stop.

Driving without a seatbelt, despite a seatbelt being in every car released on the market today, is somehow a big issue on the roadways. This is another dangerous habit that can kill people, and if you are under 16 years of age then it is your guardian’s responsibility to ensure that your seatbelt is fastened because you are a child under their care. But if you are not even a child, you should still wear your seatbelt because it can save your life. As a driver, a good habit that you can develop is to ensure that every person in your car is buckled out before turning the car on.

Received a traffic violation and you feel like it is wrong or you otherwise want to fight this violation you should reach out to a traffic lawyer.