When we see a dog while out and about, we may feel compelled to stoop down and say hello. This is only a normal human response, since most of us adore fuzzy companions. However, there are times when these interactions take a turn for the worse if the dog acted aggressively. Dog bites are serious injuries that can develop into infections or other complications, so medical attention must be sought. Victims of dog bites shouldn’t be the ones to pay for their medical bills, and in these cases taking legal action may be warranted. 

What should I do if I was bitten by a dog?

Seek medical attention immediately after the dog attack and report it to your local law enforcement. Be sure to document your injuries so you have a written report for what happened, as this is useful for your legal claim. Even minor dog bites can develop into infections and more severe issues, so it is always wise to get medical care after a dog bite, especially if it punctured through the skin barrier. 

What are common injuries for dog bites?

Dogs are most likely to bite someone’s hands, face, legs, and nose. Injuries such as bruising, wounds, and emotional scarring are common. And while anyone can become the victim of a dog attack, elderly adults and children are more vulnerable to sustaining bites that cause broken bones, deep bruising, eye injuries, and more. If an infection develops, this can be a serious problem for the victim’s health. For these reasons, bites must be treated as soon as possible. 

What compensation is available to dog bite victims?

If you sustained a dog bite then you may be eligible for restitution for medical care, lost wages, mental anguish, and other losses. Being attacked by an animal is a scary experience, and victims may struggle with mental health issues due to the attack, including new or worsened depression, anxiety, or PTSD. When speaking with your lawyer about your case, be forthcoming about all the ways that your health and finances have been affected since the dog attack incident. They will use this information to estimate a potential monetary award for your case.

What if the dog was friendly with me in the past?

Dog bites can happen even with dogs that we thought knew us. Dogs may react differently in certain situations, particularly when stress is high or they are feeling territorial. When you are suddenly faced with medical bills and loss of wages from missing work, it’s even more motivation to hold the dog owner responsible. Ultimately, it is the duty of the owner to keep the public safe and they must take measures to avoid dog bites if they know their animal is prone to aggression. 

Whether or not a dog was friendly with you in the past doesn’t matter, as a dog owner is supposed to take precautions to keep others safe, even more so if they know their dog can be unpredictable at times. Victims who want to seek repayment from the dog owner responsible can call a dog bite lawyer Des Moines IA residents trust at Des Moines Injury Law today.